What is SPY Smarty Pay Token

Smarty Pay is the next currency that launched on July 2021, by a team of developers that based in Indonesia.

Smarty Pay (SPY) has a program to give benefit for the community through charity and by supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), running on Binance Smart Chain technology, to connect between an offline-online transaction with retail systems (point of sales) that can be used globally.

Spy real world charity in action

As the embodiment of Tokenomy SPY Token, 5% allocation for charity. On August 1st, SPY with the support of the holders has distributed donations of 152 basic food packages
for people in need in several areas of Cibeureum, Parakan, Tajur Halang & Cijeruk. Bogor city

The retail transaction system (POS/point of sales) from Smarty Indonesia will be the main engine of the block hash for every transaction that will be converted to SPY, where each holder has the opportunity to do stacking, farming, exchange etc. to maximize their capitalization.

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