How to start making passive income with crypto

Guide how to make stable passive income with cryptocurrencies on Smart Pay Token platform

Spy-token is a decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain network. Below we will show you how to start staking and making passive income with up to 25% monthy return profit in simple 4 steps. For illustration how much your monthly passive income with the SPY token could be:

Amount invested $USD dollarsDaily earnings $Monthly earnings $
$50.000 (≈1BTC)$332.90$10.986

As you can see, with the amount invested worth of 1 BTC (if the price is nearly $50k) you will earn $332 USD daily and $10k USD dollars monthly passive income.

Click here to learn how to stake in Smarty Pay pools or if you already have a BSC crypto wallet you can stake directly via SPY Token app platform.

1. Binance registration and purchase of Binance Coin (BNB)

First of all, it is necessary to buy a BNB – a token, which is used to pay transaction fees and can also be used to exchange most tokens. We recommend using the Binance platform, which is a native platform for the BNB. In any case, avoid platforms such as Revolut, eToro or, which allow you to buy BNB, but will not allow you to handle the purchased cryptocurrency in any way.

2. Creating a wallet

The second step is to set up a virtual wallet to which you will transfer the purchased BNB from Crypto wallets allow users to securely store and manipulate their cryptocurrencies and tokens without having to use a centralized entity.

And which wallet to choose? It depends on whether you plan to trade on a mobile phone or a computer. In the case of a mobile phone, we recommend Trust Wallet, and in the case of a computer, MetaMask.

3. Transfer BNB from Binance to your wallet

In the third step, we will transfer the BNB from to the newly created virtual wallet.

4. Using Spy-token farming for passive income

If you have successfully purchased and transferred the BNB to your crypto wallet, we can start trading on the spy-token platform. Once you have purchased a BNB, we recommend that you try Pools with 25% monthy APR and pair SPY/BNB. Read up how to stack your SPY tokens in Auto pools to receive passive income.

What is Smarty Pay?

Smarty Pay is an utility token with real world function such as charity (5%), NFT trading and many other upcoming functions. Except from that you can earn more than 20% return of your investments monthy – compounding in Auto pools. By supporting Smarty Pay, you support the whole community including the charity and the community growth also with your possible returns.

Enter the SPY Token app platform and stake directly into the pools to earn passive crypto income.